Committee Members 2020-2021              
  Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 2:15 p.m. in MS 202

  Isabel O'Connor, Vice President Instruction
  Andrew Hoffman 

   Juliette Parker, Articulation Officer
   Chris Kinney, Curriculum Coordinator
   Juan U. Bernal
   Jill Chagnon
   Michael Cox
   Adrienne Aeria Dines
   Justin Estep
   Ed Helscher
   Jason Kalchik 
 Cesar Lopez 
   Alessandra Moctezuma
   N. Scott Robinson
   Alfonso Saballett

   Deans (3 representatives -1 CTE):
   Tina Ricalde, Health Sciences and Public Service  
   Linda Hensley, Hummanities
   Paula Gustin, Appointed Administrator

   District Evaluators:
    Thu Nguyen
    Daniel Borbon Ibarra

   Classified Senate:
    Arlis Svedberg 

   Associated Students:


The Curriculum Review Committee shall ensure San Diego Mesa College’s Curriculum meets the standards and criteria defined by the mission statement of the College, District guidelines and the Education Code, especially the California Code of Regulations (Title 5, Section 5300.2)

  1. Facilitate curriculum initiators in the origination and revision of Curriculum.
  2. Facilitate the development of General Education requirements.
  3. Facilitate the development of Graduation and Certificate Requirements.
  4. Ensure program and course alignment within the SDCCD.
  5. Ensure the Curriculum that San Diego Mesa College presents is in the best interest of our students.
  • Co-chair: 2 Representatives
  • Faculty*: 10 Representatives Minimum (1 Counseling)
  • Deans: 3 Representatives (1 CTE)
  • Classified: 1 Representative
  • District Evaluators: 1 Representatives (Minimum)
  • Associated Students: 1 Representative (If Available)
  Faculty membership requirements

   *Past department chair or program director or Academic Senate or committee experience