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President's Message

San Diego Mesa College seeks to build a culture of diverse, equitable and inclusive practices that create an enriched environment for our students, staff, faculty and the broader community. We regularly ask ourselves “who is missing, who does this benefit, and how can we change who we are or how we do things to create these conditions”?

This rich mosaic of people, places and experiences are shared by all who join this community of learners, and is emboldened through rigorous dialog and action. The Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion and Equity guides our work, and provides the expertise needed to challenge the status quo.

It has been said that community colleges are the “Ellis Island” of higher education. If that is so, Mesa College must provide that beacon of hope, like the Statue of Liberty. It is with this in mind that we consider our daily actions, and ask “What am I doing to create this hope”? Only then, with that lens, will we create an intentional imperative to meet our goal of creating this beautiful mosaic of a diverse, equitable and inclusive institution.

Dr. Pamela T. Luster, President


The Mesa College Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion & Equity supports the District's commitment to ensuring a safe academic and working environment that is free from sexual harassment and discrimination.

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