Nuventive is Mesa's campuswide platform for Program Review & Outcomes Assessment.  Authorized users can log into Nuventive using your District email and password.  The district email two-step authentication requirements also apply when logging into Nuventive. It will be helpful to bookmark this page & the Nuventive Log-In page for easy access. 

Nuventive Log in ( - This video covers the steps to getting access and logging in to Nuventive.

Nuventive Training Manual PDF 

Nuventive Training Manual

Nuventive Basic Navigation - This video will cover the essential platform menus, tools, and icons used for navigating throughout Nuventive. 

Nuventive Program Review Videos

Summary and Reflection - This video covers the Summary and Reflection area of Program Review.

Unit Goals, Action Plans, Updates - This video covers the Program Goal process in Nuventive including how to add/edit Program Goals, Action Plans, and Updates. 

Resource Needs - This video covers the steps to steps to submit your resource requests. 

Reviewer Feedback - This video demonstrates how to access resource requests for managers and deans. It will also show lead writers where to find the feedback once it has been submitted. 

Nuventive Outcomes and Assessment Videos

Instructional Program Outcomes Assessment Workspace - This video covers how to navigate and enter information for your program and course learning outcomes. 

Student Services Outcome Assessment Workspace - This video covers how to navigate and enter information for your student service outcomes. 

Outcomes and Assessment Assignments - This video covers how to create assignments to collect assessment results from faculty or classified professionals. This is a new feature for those who would like to have faculty enter their assessment results directly into the platform. 

Nuventive Analytics 

Nuventive provides the user with analytics that summarizes information from the various areas of both program review and outcomes assessment workspaces.

Program Review Analytics

Program Summary Analytics - This visualization provides a summary of all the program review entries for the cycle

Action Plan Details Analytics - This visualization provides a summary of your action plans and updates.

Resource Needs Summary Analytics  - This video provides a summary of resource requests entries for each year.

Outcomes and Assessment Analytics

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Assessment Analytics - This video walks you through the PLO assessment summary which shows you the program PLOs, findings, action plans, alignment, and findings with target not met.

Courses & Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) Listings Analytics - This video walks you through the CLO list which shows you the active program CLOs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) to Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Analytics - This video will cover the summary of program learning outcomes with percentage of students with benchmark met as well as CLOs not mapped to any PLOs and CLOs not assessed.

Course Assessment and Mapping Analytics - This video shows you the a summay of numbers of courses per program, course learning outcomes mapping status and assessment status.

Nuventive Reports

Nuventive can generate summary reports of all entries made into the platform. Below are some videos about the different types of reports available in Nuventive.

Program Review Reports

Program Review Narrative Report - This video will cover the program review report of all the entries made in the program review spaces.

Outcomes and Assessment Reports

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Assessment Narrative Report - This video shows you the program assessment information entered in the outcomes assessment spaces.

Nuventive Document Library

Each program or unit on campus can store documents in the Document Library. These documents can be used as a resource or as attachments within the workspaces. The video below will walk you through the file and folder creation and organization.

More recorded trainings

Under the links below, you will find more recorded trainings relevant to the current year of program review and outcomes assessment.