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Financial Aid & Scholarships


Paying for a study abroad program is usually the biggest hurdle for students. The best advice is to start planning early and create a special account for study abroad funds. First: Review the Frequently Asked Questions for Study Abroad Programs Second: If you have not done so already, complete FAFSA at Third: Make an appointment to speak with Pilar Ezeta in the Financial Aid Office (I4-107) at San Diego Mesa College, 619-388-2817, or email her at

Budgeting and saving:

View the powerpoint for ideas and click on one of our worksheet forms to help you begin saving for your dream to study abroad. Study abroad is the only thing that makes you richer!

1-Adjusting Your (Budgeting) Life for Your Trip Aboard

2-Worksheet, interactive excel worksheets to help with program costs

-Study Abroad Weekly Spending Worksheet
-Cost Worksheet: Use this to figure out your costs


Mesa College Scholarship program

The Mesa College scholarship program enables students to complete their studies, and is one of the keys to ensuring student success through financial support. Scholarships range in value from $250 – $2,500. Scholarship opportunities are available to all Mesa students. Eligibility is the only limitation on the number of scholarships for which you can apply. Recipients will receive a maximum of three awards (the three highest in monetary value).

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Deadline: Spring date


  • Language Department Scholarship
  • Study Abroad Scholarship

Gilman Awards

Gilman Scholarships are sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. To be eligible for a $3,000-$5,000 scholarship, you must be a U.S. citizen, currently enrolled at a two- or four-year accredited institution, and receive Federal Pell Grant funding. The scholarships are for academic programs in any country except Cuba or a country on the Department of State’s Travel Warning List. They apply to summer programs, but you must study in at least one country for four consecutive weeks.

-Click here for a  Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship Overview . Your essays are a critical part of the application.Click here for a walk through on how to write competitive essays.  

Fall 2018 Scholarship writing workshop powerpoint 
Lead by Gilman Awardee & Gilman Campus Advisor

Videos to help the process  Writing a competitive essay, how to apply etc.
Check Gilman website

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Deadline to apply: October 2nd, 
  • Spring and early Summer Application Deadline
  • Submit online applications by 11:59PM Central Standard Time (CST)
  • Late applications will not be accepted

Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS)

CLS is a program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and it is part of a U.S. government effort to dramatically expand the number of Americans studying and mastering critical foreign languages. CLS is a fully funded overseas language program for American undergraduate and graduate students. With the goal of broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering critical languages and to build relationships between the people of the United States and other countries, CLS provides study opportunities to a diverse range of students from across the United States at every level of language learning. The CLS Program seeks participants with diverse interests, from a wide variety of fields of study, backgrounds and career paths, with the purpose of representing the full diversity of professional, regional, cultural and academic backgrounds in the United States. Students of diverse disciplines and majors are encouraged to apply. Languages offered: Beginning levels [Azerbaijani, Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu]; Advanced Beginning / Intermediate levels [Arabic, Persian]; Intermediate and Advanced levels [Chinese, Japanese, Russian] You can learn more about CLS by visiting the program website ( ) or by attending one of the webinars. The webinars are open to students, faculty, staff and administrators so please spread the word! The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program will be hosting 3 webinars this fall. Each webinar will give an overview of the CLS Program but also dive into a specific topic related to the program.

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For questions and to RSVP, please contact Sarah Bartfeld by email at:   (preferred method) or by phone at:  202-833-7522

-Summer 2014 Winners:  David Thompson (Persian in Tajikistan) and Amanda Morse (Urdu in India)

Boren Awards

The National Security Education Program funds Boren Scholarships, which include $8,000 for summer programs, $10,000 for a full semester, and $20,000 for an academic year. The scholarships promote study in geographic areas that are underrepresented in study abroad programs and deemed critical to U.S. interests and national security. This scholarship is ideal for students who are committed to pursuing a career in the federal government. (Deadline: early February, annually)

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Fulbright Scholarship

Scholarships for study, research, or teaching abroad. Applications are to ONE specific country.

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The mission of the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) is to provide scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented among the US study abroad population. FEA makes life-changing, international experiences accessible to all by supporting minority, community college, and first-generation college students before, during, and after they participate in education abroad programs

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HI USA Travel Scholarships

At the core of HI USA’s mission is our desire to support people of all ages in their pursuit of travel as a means of better understanding the world and people from different cultures. We know that summoning the courage to travel is a big step, and we don’t want those who are eager to experience the world to be discouraged by the cost. Knowing this, we’ve established the HI USA Community Hostelling Fund to support travel scholarship programs in 13 metropolitan areas across the country aimed at helping travelers aged 18 to 30 realize their dreams.

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Gates Cambrigde Scholarship

Awarded to students from outside the UK to study at Cambridge. The program aims to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others.

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Scholarships - Online Directory

The Institute for International Education (IIE) announces an online directory at  to help increase diversity in study abroad. In addition to the traditional country and field of study search options, award entries are now searchable by categories such as race and ethnicity, gender, and selections for student leaders and athletes, low-income students, students with disabilities and a variety of other designations.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

The Foundation awards Merit, Financial Need and Youth Partners Accessing Capital (P.A.C.) scholarships.

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Arthur H. Goodman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Awards scholarships ranging from $1,500-$3,000 to minority students and working women who better their community.

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California Colleges For International Education

click on “enter,” click on POCCSA grant activities. $250 - $1,500 scholarships are available. Deadline is November 15 for spring programs, May 15 for fall programs.

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Coca Cola Scholarships

Prestigious scholarships for students in various fields of study.

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American college scholarship database, the internet’s largest free scholarship search.

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International Education Financial Aid

IEFA is the premier internet resource for financial aid information for students wishing to study in a foreign country

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Mesa College Scholarships

Each year,  Mesa College awards over $90,000 in scholarships to Mesa College students . The 2014 scholarship application process has launched and will close on Thursday, February 27, 2014. All Mesa College students are encouraged to apply. If you've applied to study in Spain in Summer 2014,  click here to apply  for the Mesa Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship.

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San Diego Foundation

A website of San Diego Community Database

More information about this program

Students can search from thousands of unique scholarships, bursaries, grants and other forms of financial assistance.

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Financial aid advertising page for students

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The Institute for International Education (IIE) announces an online directory to help increase diversity in study abroad. In addition to the traditional country and field of study search options, award entries are now searchable by categories such as race and ethnicity, gender, and selections for student leaders and athletes, low-income students, students with disabilities and a variety of other designations.

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Study Abroad Loans

Loans to fund your study abroad programs. Ask the Chamber of Commerce for names of American companies owned by foreign companies and approach these U.S. companies for money. Go to the website of these companies and look for foundation/scholarship information.

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The Rotary Foundation Grants

The Rotary Foundation Grants is ending the Ambassadorial Scholarship program. The Foundation will offer scholarship in the form of district and global grants, and there are no restrictions on the amount of the scholarship.

Foundation for Global Scholars General Scholarship

Any student enrolled in a North American college or university is eligible for this scholarship. The Foundation awards over 200 scholarships each year, and the average amount is $1,000. It can apply to summer, semester, academic year, and service learning programs, as well as internships and research projects.

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Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi awards fifty $1,000 grants to undergraduates who enroll in an accredited study abroad program. You don’t need to be a member of Phi Kappa Phi, but you must attend an institution with an active chapter. To qualify, you must have at least a 3.75 GPA.

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Global Studies Foundation Student Grants

The Global Studies Foundation offers this award to students who are already studying abroad in an accredited program. It gives preference to students studying languages and countries of special interest to the U.S. Departments of State and Defense. The Foundation expects award recipients to share their study abroad experience with multiple audiences and through varied media.

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Bridging Scholarship for Study in Japan

The Bridging Project offers these scholarships to undergraduates who study abroad in Japan. It awards approximately 100 scholarships each year to help students with travel and living expenses. There are no restrictions on your intended course of study, and Japanese language study is not a prerequisite. Awards are $2,500 for semester programs and $4,000 for academic year programs. Summer programs are not eligible.

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Freeman Asia Scholarship

The Freeman Foundation sponsors this scholarship for undergraduates pursuing study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. It’s intended to help students with travel and living expenses. To qualify, you must have a 2.8 GPA.

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