Culinary Arts / Culinary Management

Culinary Arts / Culinary Management Program

San Diego Mesa College offers the courses you need to feed your culinary passions and earn your Culinary Arts Degree or Certification. As one of only a few culinary programs in the nation that operates a classroom-driven restaurant that's open to the public, you will gain first-hand experience modeling food preparation techniques, food safety, sanitation, and menu planning while working with modern equipment in newly renovated facilities. Coupling your professional development and technical adeptness with a foundation in business practice, you will gain the culinary management skills you need to provide seamless service and run a lucrative business. Guided every step of the way by attentive program faculty, Mesa College’s Culinary Arts/Culinary Management program will help you cultivate an appreciation for food that spans far beyond its physical construction to connect you to long-held traditions, cultures, and people from across the globe. You will discover your unique talents within the fields of the culinary arts and hospitality and bring continued vitality to the culinary industry as you begin your career and/or continue your education at another culinary arts college.

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At San Diego Mesa College, this program is overviewed by an Advisory Committee.

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