Canyon Safety

Are You Ready To Explore Tecolote Canyon?

Before You Go:

Please Respect Tecolote Canyon Natural Park. Remember all plants, animals, rocks even dead trees are protected in this dedicated natural park. Leave nothing but footprints and take home enjoyable memories and what you have learned.

You should not go in the canyon alone! A group of three is the minimum for safety. Be sure you are wearing the right clothes and shoes. Shoes should be closed-toed and sturdy. It is best to wear long pants. Don't forget the hat and sunscreen. Carry a water bottle.

Stay on the trail! There are some off-trail hazards. See below.

Be able to recognize Poison Oak (pictured here). If you are sensitive to poison oak, it is a good idea to take a soapy shower when you get home, wash your clothes right away and wash off your shoes. Poison oak repellent will be provided to all volunteers; please apply before going into the canyon.

Most of our snakes a harmless but Rattlesnakes do live in Tecolote Canyon! Don't reach down into a hole or anywhere you can't see what you are touching. And yes, they are protected too. They have an important place in the natural world.

If you are taking your dog with you keep your best friend on a leash. We don't know of any person who has been bitten by a rattlesnake but several dogs running loose have had the misfortune of being bitten. Also, dogs can bring poison oak's irritating oils back to you on their fur.