Board Docket Process
Board Agenda Item Process

Board Agenda
Item Process


All board agenda items must be submitted meeting the both the Placeholder Date and the Final Agenda Item Date.

Board Meetings Schedule
Deadline Date for Submission of Agenda Items



Board agenda items follow one of two paths.  See workflow.

Agenda Items with Position Changes Process

When a classified staff vacancy or additional funding for a position occurs, a request must be made to fill.  These requests are submitted by the supervisor or manager on the Position Request Template.   Once the template is complete, submit to the applicable Vice President.  The applicable VP will take this request to the Mesa Executive Committee for review and recommendation.  The request will be reviewed in accordance with the classified hiring priority list and other factors as described in the request.  If Executive supports the request, it will be advanced to the president to obtain Cabinet approval if necessary.  Once approved by the President at the college, the requestor will be notified by their VP.  The requestor must then complete the board agenda item template and process.

Agenda Item with Position Changes Template

Agenda Items Process (without Position Changes)

Agenda items that do not require any changes, additions, or re-organizations to positions or organizational structure, are called Agenda Items without position changes.  Examples may include award acceptance for grants, Grant applications, contracts, or similar.  For these types of agenda items, follow the Agenda Item Process without position changes:

  • Complete the Agenda Item Template
  • Send to Presidents Office (B. Cain xt2721) meeting Placeholder Deadline
  • Obtain organization charts from Business Support Services (L. Lasko xt2222) where applicable
  • Send Regular Agenda Item Template to Business Services (P. Garcia & R. Agatha XT 2990) for review
    • Include award letters or other supporting documents
  • Submit all final documents to President’s Office (xt 2721) meeting Final Agenda Deadline