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Financial Aid
Online Resources

The “I Can Afford College” campaign’s “A Little Bit of Magic” video produced by the Zach King Team about financial aid available to students at California’s 113 community colleges.

FAFSA & Dream Act Application

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Navigating Mesa College Student Services

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SDG&E Reduced Cost

CARE and FERA programs


INCOME BENEFITS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS as prepared by the John Burton Advocates for Youth. 

Many students are dealing with emergency needs resulting from the COVID-19 crisis and the consequent economic downturn. The economic fallout from the crisis is likely to last months, if not years, and it is therefore crucial that students take action now to shore up their economic stability over the long term at the same time that they address emergent needs. This resources page may not offer immediate relief but are nonetheless crucial to put in place alongside emergency relief measures as quickly as possible.

Financial Aid Programs Literature - State

  • FUND YOUR FUTURE  Digital Magazine.  The California Student Aid Commission is the principal state agency responsible for administrating financial aid programs for students attending public and private universities, colleges, and vocational schools in California. FUND YOUR FUTURE is a Commission's complementary publication which provides financial aid policy analysis and leadership, in partnership with California's colleges, universities, financial aid institutions and financial aid associations.
  • California Student Aid Commission  (For information on the Cal Grant Program.)

Financial Aid Programs Literature - Federal

  • FEDERAL STUDENT AID .  The office of Federal Student Aid provides publications, fact sheets, online tools, and other resources to help you prepare and pay for college or career school.


Guide to Graduating Debt-Free:

Ultimate Guide for Helping College Students Overcome Student Debt 
Financial Resources for Hispanics and Latinos -  

The 2020 Student Loan Handbook:
Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid:


Scholarships and Grants

(This list is offered as information only. Please be cautious and educated when reviewing/applying for on-line resource opportunities. The following links are accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting and may expire. )


Before filling out personal information for scholarship applications look for the privacy information disclosed on their webpage. Using that piece of information decide what is in your best interest. We have received notification that: “ScholarshipPoints” and its owner, “Edvisors”, are among a growing number of companies that collect and then sell prospective students’ personal information by offering them a chance at scholarships, or even simply links to other people’s. Known by the sales term 'lead generators,' these companies pass along email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses to marketing partners, such as colleges and textbook companies, and students soon find themselves getting calls and emails they didn’t know to expect.

san diego mesa college scholarships (dEC - FEB)

San Diego Mesa College offers great annual scholarships. Please check out the Office of Student Affairs page for complete listing and application windows.


[update February 2021-sd] *ALPHA Order, newest in top section* 

  • The San Diego Foundation Scholarships.  More than 100 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to more than $5,000 open to:
    • Graduating high school seniors
    • Current college students (undergraduate or graduate)
    • Adult re-entry students
    • Students with financial need (includes middle income families)
    • Students attending 4-year, community college or career/technical schools
  • The Orion Fund Grants.  "The Orion Fund covers unpaid medical costs, educational and living expenses for students in medical crisis. Examples of medical crises that we cover: traumatic injuries, diagnosis of an autoimmune disease or cancer, unexpected surgeries, a mental health crisis requiring intervention, a serious recurrence of an existing condition... Grants range from $500 - $5,000 per student, depending upon circumstances. The Orion Fund 2020-2021 Annual Grant Program are due by Thursday February 25, 2021! The grant application form is available on the website here: Application form. Grants will be awarded in March 2021. "
Law Firm Scholarships

updated [many more above]


The Ankin Law Office Offers Annual $2,500 Academic Scholarship 15-Jul-20 $2,500.00
Ankin Law Office 2020 Scholarship for Military Veterans 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Keller Law Offices 2020 Academic Scholarship for Higher Education 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Keller Law Offices Annual Scholarship for Military Veterans 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Law Offices of Steinberg, Goodman, and Kalish Annual Academic Scholarship 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Law Offices of Steinberg, Goodman, and Kalish Annual Military Scholarship 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Jason D. Mills & Associates $1,500 Academic Scholarship 15-Jul-20 $1,500.00
David Boehrer Law Firm’s Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Strom & Associates 2020 Academic Scholarship 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Strom & Associates Annual Military Scholarship 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
DePaolo & Zadeikis Law Offices Academic Scholarship 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
DePaolo & Zadeikis Law Offices Military Scholarship 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Langer & Langer’s Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Law Offices of George T. Bochanis’ Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,500.00
Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyers Academic Scholarship 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Bradshaw’s Law LLC Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Cogan & Power Academic Scholarship 2020 15-Jul-20 $2,000.00
Taylor Randolph’s Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Law Offices of Gary H Smith, P.C.’s Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
Gerald F. Connor Law Firm’s Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00
The Patriot Law Firm’s Annual Academic Scholarship of 2020 15-Jul-20 $1,000.00

Scholarships for Students of Color

(Partial Listing. Complete list compiled by TRPI, the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, University of Southern California, Los Angeles) for information only. Mesa College and the SDCCD do not sponsor or advocate for any of the organizations or scholarships listed below.

Scholarships for Undocumented Students

  • DACA Renewal Scholarship  (as of 9/20/17) Mission Asset Fund, a San Francisco-based nonprofit with a long history of supporting Dreamers along with generous support from the Weingart Foundation is now providing $495 scholarships so DACA recipients can safely renew their status.  Please click the link above for fine details regarding this offer. 
  • scholarship resources catalogued by Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) for undocumented undergraduate and graduate students.
  • TheDream.US is a new multimillion dollar National Scholarship Fund for DREAMers, created to help immigrant youth who’ve received DACA achieve their American Dream through the completion of a college education.

"TheDream.US provides college scholarships to highly motivated DREAMers who want to get a college education but cannot afford it. Our scholarships will help cover your tuition and fees for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at one of our Partner CollegesNote: You must be accepted to and eligible for in-state tuition (if applicable) at one of our Partner Colleges in order to receive the Scholarship."



"Scholarship America and Wells Fargo are pleased to announce the launch of the Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship and Wells Fargo Veterans Emergency Grant programs, designed to fill funding gaps to help veterans complete the postsecondary education or training they need to return to -- and succeed in -- civilian life and work. These programs can make a significant impact on campuses across America, and we need your help to spread the word"

"The Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship Program provides scholarships up to $10,000 per year, to fill gaps for veterans and the spouses of disabled veterans after military benefits and other grants and scholarships have been utilized. To ensure that recipients can focus on completing their degree, these scholarships will be renewable, and award amounts will grow by $1,000 each year."

"Wells Fargo’s emergency grant program helps veterans already enrolled in postsecondary education meet their household expenses when faced with unexpected financial setbacks. Ranging up to $1,000, these immediate, one-time grants will ensure that recipients are able to stay in school without creating undue financial hardship for themselves or their families."

"Veterans (and spouses of disabled veterans) on your campus can start taking advantage of these programs right away! Applications for the Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarships are open until February 29; applications for emergency grants will stay open on an ongoing basis while funds are available. Both programs are accessible via"


More Scholarship Lists & Resources