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Mesa Veterans Office

Room: I4-102

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am-1:00 pm

Veterans Benefits

For general benefits questions, please refer to the Student Veterans Handbook, or call the Mesa College Veterans Office at (619) 388-2805 or email:

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Mesa Veterans Office

Veterans Services
Mesa Veterans Office

The time has never been better for military veterans to further their education and training. San Diego Mesa College is committed to helping veterans make the best choices possible while attaining the maximum assistance, guidance, and support using the new GI Bill® and other programs. Find more information on Using Your GI Bill® section.

Veteran students who may be facing challenges adjusting to life after military service may visit the United States Department of Veteran Affairs Counseling website.

The San Diego Mesa College VA program has embraced and adopted the Mission, Vision and Values of the VA Advisory Committee.

San Diego Mesa College's Veterans Program assures its students they will receive superb veteran support services, and the encouragement they need to facilitate the transition to college life, while maintaining an environment that espouses respect, high ethical standards and aids student intellectual, personal growth and development and educational success.

Mesa Veterans Office Mission Statement

This mission is founded upon the following core values:

  • Academic Excellence - demonstrating the individual character required to translate thought into action under adverse or challenging conditions;
  • Honest Collaboration - cultivating in ourselves and others the willingness and steadfastness to act honestly and cooperatively;
  • Mutual Respect and Diversity - acknowledging the dignity and worth of all beings and preserving the richness of our cultures and diversity;
  • Civility - giving of oneself to enhance the life and richness of the college and behaving courteously; and
  • Sensitivity - exhibiting compassion and kindness towards others.