Start or Renew a Club

Renew Your Club Registration

Previously-created clubs and organizations are required to re-register each fall semester by completing the online registration form. Be sure to submit your form by the registration deadline, September 25, 2020, for your club to be accepted for the upcoming semester.
Access the online club registration form

Looking to Start a Club?

If you have an idea for a club that is not already active at Mesa, you can start your own! Familiarize yourself with the following registration procedures as well as the club policies and requirements you will need to adhere to when creating your new club at Mesa.

  1. Find an Advisor

    If you are interested in starting a club, you will need to find an Advisor who will assist your club with its objectives, events, meetings, and activities. The Advisor must be a non-adjunct faculty member or full-time staff or administrator who is willing and available to supervise all club activities and support members in accordance with club policies and procedures.
    See a list of staff and faculty

  2. Find Your Members

    At the very least, clubs are expected to have a President and Advisor. However, we suggest filling the four main officer positions (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and maintaining a roster of at least 10 active members.

  3. Draft Your Constitution and Bylaws

    Each club is expected to create a club Constitution, a written document that states the club's purpose, membership requirements, removal of officers, affiliations, and by-laws containing specifications for the withdrawal or expenditures of funds. Club constitutions must also include a provision for the removal of officers from their positions.

  4. Register Your Club

    Mesa students can register their club by submitting an online registration form. The form is intended to be filled out by the club's President and will require you to provide information about your club, members, and Advisor. Be sure to submit your form by the registration deadline, September 25, 2020, for your club to be accepted.
    Access the online club registration form

Unsure of a Student Group Policy or Procedure?

Access the Procedures and Operation Guidelines for Clubs/Organizations Manual for a comprehensive look at the requirements for student groups.

Review the expectations for club Advisors, officers, and members, as well as the procedures for planning events, fundraising, reserving facilities, and enforcing club conduct.

Maintain an "Active" Club Status

Clubs are considered either "Active" or "Inactive" depending on their level of engagement. Active clubs are eligible to receive funds from the Inter-Club Council (I.C.C) and Associated Student Government as well as event support from Mesa College Facilities Services, while Inactive clubs are not. To be considered Active, you must:

  • Submit your registration packet on time
  • Submit a Monthly Report Form
  • Send a representative of your club to attend monthly Interclub Council (I.C.C.) meetings. The I.C.C. meets on the last Friday of each month at 10am in 14-409 and works with Mesa's Associated Student Government to guide and support student clubs. Since there are only 3-4 meeting per semester, you cannot miss a meeting.
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