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Connect with Counseling

Call: 619-388-2672
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Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 1:00pm

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Full Time Faculty

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Cynthia Rico

Cynthia Rico
Department Chair
Hablo Espanol 619-388-2471 I4-303
Gabriel Adona Gabriel Adona 619-388-2537 I4-303
Amber Alatorre Amber Alatorre 619-388-2986 I4-303
Marisa Alioto Marisa Alioto 619-388-2578 I4-303
Kristina Carson Kristina Carson 619-388-2535 I4-303
Nicholas DeMeo Nicholas DeMeo 619-388-2668 I4-303
Adrienne Aeria Dines Adrienne Aeria Dines 619-388-2888 I4-303
Adam Erlenbusch Adam Erlenbusch 619-388-2663



Trish Guevarra

Patricia Guevarra

Nakakapagsalita ako ng Tagalog 619-388-5009


Terrance Hale Terrence Hale 619-388-2782 I4-303
Anne Hedekin Anne Hedekin 619-388-5015 I4-303
Ramiro Hernandez Ramiro Hernandez 619-388-2532 I4-303
Guillermo Marrujo Guillermo Marrujo 619-388-2420 I4-303
Laura Mathis

Laura Mathis

Fluent in ASL 619-388-2533 I4-303
Miriam Pacheco

Miriam Pacheco

Hablo Espanol 619-388-5010 I4-303
Valerie Pallares-Herrera Valerie Pallares-Herrera 619-388-5808 ES-203A
Kari Parker Kari Parker 619-388-2673 I4-303
Kirsten Pogue-Cely Kirsten Pogue-Cely 619-388-5977 I4-303
Anthony Reuss

Anthony Reuss

Ich spreche Deutsch 619-388-2674 I4-303
Raul Rodriguez Raul Rodriguez 619-388-2834 I4-303

Patty Rodriguez

Patty Rodriguez

Hablo Espanol 619-388-5013 I4-303
Raquel Sojourner Raquel Sojourner 619-388-5921 I4-306
Judy Sundayo Judy Sundayo 619-388-2793 I4-303
Michael Temple Michael Temple 619-388-2536 I4-303
Jill Ventrone

Jillian Ventrone

Fluent in Turkish 619-388-2413 I4-303

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