Counseling Services for New Students

Counseling Services for New Students

Start off on the right foot and discover counseling options for first time college students or previous college students who are new to Mesa. We are excited to welcome you to our community and look forward to guiding you through your educational journey.

Apply to Mesa!

Before you can meet with a counselor or start taking classes at Mesa College, you will need to first submit a free online application. Let us guide you through the process!

Access the Step by Step Admissions Guide

Start Your Academic Planning

All new college students are encouraged to sign up for a Pre-Registration Workshop to create a abbreviated education plan with counseling faculty, learn about our various academic and career pathways, and find resources for registration. Be sure to complete the online orientation prior to attending a Pre-Registration Workshop. Ready to start planning your college trajectory with a counselor?

Participate in a pre-registration workshop

What's an Education Plan?

As a Mesa College student, you and a Counselor will create an education plan that will live in the My Planner section of your mySDCCD portal, which is a personalized list of courses you have chosen based on your academic goals and requirements. Your education plan will provide you with a tentative timeline to completion. You will refer to your education plan as a guide throughout your time at Mesa so you can stay focused and on track toward your goals.

Learn more about Education Plans

Specialized Counseling Programs

If you're interested in one of the following programs, you may have access to specific counselors that are adept at supporting your unique needs. Find exclusive resources, support, and opportunities related to your identities.

APIA Students

Asian Pacific Islander Americans can get support from the Kapwa Counselor to explore your options, goals and make a plan to succeed.


Participate in the Mesa Academic and Athletics Program (MAAP) and see how Counseling Services supports student athletes' academic success.

Black Students

Receive counseling and services through the Umoja-Mesa Academy Program (UMAP) and see how Mesa supports our black students.

International Students

Participate in counseling opportunities and workshops that support international students.


Meet with a counselor to create your Veteran Ed Plan and receive support from Veteran Services.

Latinx Students

Work with a Puente Counselor to explore career options, develop an education plan, and identify your lifetime goals as a Latinx student.

Find Your English and Math Milestones

Find the English and math courses you need to get started at Mesa College. Your Milestones will either be determined by your college application (CCCApply) or via our Placement Assistant tool. Learn more about milestones at Mesa College.

Find your Milestones

Clear a Prerequisite

Some courses at Mesa College have prerequisites. These are required courses that satisfy the preparatory skills needed for more advanced study. Prerequisites can be cleared by your English and math milestones, Advanced Placement (AP) scores, courses you take at other colleges, Challenge Exams, and more.

Learn more about Prerequisite Clearance

Complete the Online Orientation

Familiarize yourself with Mesa's campus and policies. Learn about our programs, support services, and registration process during the Online Orientation for incoming students. Create a student account, complete the online orientation, and send your email confirmation along with your Mesa Student ID number to the Assessment Office at

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