Equity Initiative Partnership

Equity Initiative Partnership

In 2017, Mesa College entered into a multi-year year partnership with the Center for Urban Education (CUE). Our focus was to expand the capacity of faculty, staff and administrators across the campus to support and carry out instruction using the Principles of Equity Mindedness. Our efforts focused on the following major equity efforts at Mesa College.

  • Student Success and Equity
  • Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)
  • Basic Skills Student Outcomes Transformation Program (BSSOT)
  • STEM Conexiones (Title III HSI STEM Grant)
  • Proyecto Éxito (Title V Grant)
  • Strong Workforce Program


Project goals were designed to move the campus towards embracing the five overarching principles for creating Equity by Design:

  1. Clarity in language, goals and measures vital to effective equitable practices
  2. “Equity-mindedness” as a guiding principle for language and action
  3. Equitable practices and policies designed to accommodate differences in the contexts of students’ learning – not treating all students the same.
  4. Enacting equity through a continual process of learning, disaggregating data, and questioning assumptions about relevance and effectiveness of current practices.
  5. Equity enacted as a pervasive institution-wide principle.

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