High Tech Center

The High Tech Center

The High Tech Center (HTC) provides assistive technology and individualized training to students with disabilities as well as support for basic skill development, access to print materials, and computer support. For those looking to improve their technology skills, the HTC provides classes to help you hone essential computer skills in a supportive environment.

Access Alternate Media

The High Tech Center provides Alternate Media services to help you access the instructional materials you need in the format most accessible to you. Convert textbooks to braille, large print, electronic text, audio, or another format to ease your learning.

    1. Complete a DSPS Application
      Before you can gain access to the Alternate Media in the HTC, you will need to fill out the online Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) Application. Once you complete the online form, you will have the opportunity to meet with a DSPS Counselor to help determine the HTC accommodations you qualify for.
      Getting Started with DSPS

    1. Complete an Alternate Media Orientation
      Once you are approved to receive Alternate Media services support, you will need to contact the HTC Specialist to complete an orientation.

    1. Request Alternate Media
      Once you have established your eligibility, you will need to complete an Alternate Media Request Form. The form will provide you with an opportunity to identify the courses you are taking, texts you need converted, and the type of Alternate Media that you are requesting.
Complete an Alternate Media Request Form

Highlights of HTC

  • Classes offered in Adaptive Computer Technology
  • Alternate Media
  • Assistive Software and Hardware
  • Web Accessibility and Online Learning Support and consultations
  • Highly individualized computer assisted learning modules
  • Basic Skill and Career/Technical training and support
  • Cutting Edge Technology