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College catalogs provide detailed information to students regarding District policies, academic regulations, graduation requirements, program requirements and course descriptions.

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Official Course Outlines

The Official Course Outline of record serves as a reference document throughout the college community and forms the basis for a contract between the student, instructor and institution. It defines the fundamental, required components of the course that the institution expects the faculty to teach and the student is guaranteed to receive.  On an even broader scale, course outlines are used in accreditation reviews and serve as the basis for transfer articulation agreements with four-year institutions such as the CSU's and UC's. 

Official Course Outlines are available through the CurricUnet System.  The college does not provide copies of “syllabus / syllabi” as the Course Outline is the official record of the course.

If you need assistance, please contact the Articulation Office at 619-388-2639 or