Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Since financial aid is designed to help you achieve your certificate or degree in a timely manner, there are certain requirements that you must fulfill to demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and keep your financial aid. Make sure you are meeting the standards regarding maximum time frame, completion rate, and cumulative GPA to remain eligible for aid and stay on track toward your academic goals.

SAP Requirements

  1. Stay Within the Maximum Time Frame
    To qualify for aid, you must not exceed the maximum unit count allowed for your program. Your completion time is capped at 150% of your program's units, meaning, if your current Academic Plan requires 60 units for completion, your aid will extend up until you finish 90 units (60 units x 150% = 90).
    • College credits earned from other schools and repeated courses will contribute to your unit total
    • You may receive aid for a maximum of 30 attempted units of remedial coursework outside your total unit count
    • Should you decide to change your major, your maximum time frame will be adjusted accordingly
  2. Demonstrate Progress Through Completion and Pace Rate
    You are required to complete at least 67% of all attempted units (those that are not complete are "F" grades, "W" Withdrawal, "I" Incomplete, "NP" Not Passing, or "RD" Report Delayed) each term.

  3. Maintain Good Academic Standing
    To make satisfactory progress, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher or a 0.00 GPA with all "P" grades if P/NP is offered at the end of each academic year.

SAP Disqualification

  • Have completed less than 67% of your cumulative attempted units
  • Have not met the 2.0 GPA standards (Or 0.00 for P/NP)
  • Have attempted more than 150% of the maximum unit count allowed by your particular academic program
  • Have earned a bachelor's or graduate-level degree from any US or international college

SAP Disqualification Appeals

Appealing Your First Disqualification
If you don't make SAP and are disqualified from receiving aid, you may submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Office with documentation of extenuating circumstances such as injury, illness, or death of a relative. Your appeal and any supporting documents must be received no later than the third friday before the end of the semester or your last day of classes (whichever comes first).

Please include the following in your appeal:

  • Your counselor-approved Education Plan
  • Why you failed to make Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • What has changed/what steps you have taken that will allow you to make SAP
  • If you have a bachelor's degree or higher: why you are enrolled at a community college and the purpose of returning to a two year or less academic program

If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on "Financial Aid Probation" for one semester. During this time, you must make SAP and comply with any specific conditions in your appeal decision, or risk being disqualified again.

Appealing Your Second Disqualification
You may apply again for financial aid after complying with the specific conditions of your previous appeal decision. You must enroll in at least six applicable units or the remaining units required to complete your academic program. Your enrollment and progress will be evaluated once your final grades are posted for the semester to determine whether you have followed these conditions and if you are eligible for one additional semester of aid under "Financial Aid Probation." If it is determined that you did not follow all of the conditions of your appeal, you will be sent a notification of your disqualification. Reinstatement is not guaranteed and you may need to submit a new appeal for every academic term you want to be considered for.

Attend an Appeal Workshop

If you've been disqualified for aid due to SAP, we highly recommend that you participate in an Appeal Workshop to learn about Mesa's Appeal Process. Enrollment is first come, first served and limited to the first 35 students who sign up.

View Appeal Workshop Schedule