Graduation & Commencement


At Mesa, "graduation" is the process to obtain your degree and/or certificate of achievement. Graduation requires developing an educational plan with a counselor, submitting an Application for Graduation, and completing your course requirements. The graduation process is not automatic. 

Before your final semester, you must submit your application for graduation by the appropriate deadline. Once all final semester grades are posted, each application for graduation will be evaluated for completion. If approved for graduation, your diploma will be mailed to the address listed in your MySDCCD portal.

Note: To obtain a degree through SDCCD all regionally accredited transcripts from outside insitutions must be received and evaluated. 

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Commencement Ceremony

The annual Commencement Ceremony is the celebration held in May for students who have graduated or will graduate, within the academic year. The academic year includes prior Summer and Fall graduates, and current Spring and Summer anticipated graduates.

Note: Participation in the commencement ceremony and applying for graduation are separate processes.

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