What is KAPWA?

Kapwa is a Filipino concept, which essentially translates to "I am who I am connected to." Rem Tanauan, a Yijiing practitioner, refers to kapwa as "an ethos of sharing, seeing and caring for the other as oneself."The ancient Mayans called it lak'ech: "I am you; you are me." The Nguni peoples have unbuntu: "I am because we are." You may know these concepts as "empathy".

Kapwa is a Learning Community (LC) taught through an Asian Pacific Islander (API) lens.  You will be enrolled with the same group of students for your first year allowing you to create safe spaces to explore your identity.  You don’t have to identify as API to join Kapwa: we welcome all students! No matter how you identify, you will discover that Kapwa is a welcoming and accepting space.

As a Learning Community, we will discuss overlapping themes and topics, and we have some fun activities planned to strengthen our cohort. We hope that this collaboration further inspires and supports you in your educational journey.

What does KAPWA offer?

We will engage in deep, meaningful, and critical conversations about your lives and our community. You will meet people who care about you and are committed to supporting you. At the end of our time together, you will be prepared and confident to continue your educational journey here at San Diego Mesa College and beyond.

How can I be a part of KAPWA?

Please complete the KAPWA interest form.

Kapwa scholars demonstrate the following:

  • Respect for others’ beliefs and ideas
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Help create a non-judgmental and non-discriminatory environment

Contacts & Socials

Prof. Trish Guevarra
Prof. Jennifer Derilo
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Asian Pacific Diversity Club @sdmesa_apdiversity


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